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I’m officially Twitter user number x!!!

This morning I’ve noticed a new app tweeting something along the lines of:

I’m officially Twitter user No 325 in United Kingdom! Check out Your Number at #fun #United Kingdom

My initial reaction was ‘ooh, that looks fun, I might check it out’, however, after seeing a few more tweets I noticed that the number kept rising exponentially, and seemed to have no relevance to how long the person had been on Twitter.

I went to the site to take a look (it’s down at the moment), and sure enough, it’s one of the latest in a breed of sites that post tweets to your timeline without your express permission. However, unlike Twifficiency (which did the same thing for a while), which actually had a clever algorithm running underneath it, this one seems to push a counter forward any time anyone uses the system in a particular country.

The dumbness of the system (as well as the fact that it uses an obscure url shortening service) makes me think that its been put together for nefarious purposes (spreading spam and so on), so if you’ve granted access to this ‘application’, it would probably be a good idea to revoke access.

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